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So you have applied for your ideal job, impressed with your CV and have now been invited for interview.

Congratulations! Now what?

Attending interviews can be daunting prospect but with careful preparation you can ensure that you are ready to demonstrate you are the right candidate for the job.

Do your research: What do you know about your potential employer? Spend some time reading their company website, if they have one, and ask your consultant or the company’s HR department for a full job description to make sure you are aware of the ideal candidate they are looking for.

Get your answers ready: Consider the type of question the employer will ask you and prepare answers for those questions. Typical interview questions are listed here and will help you react positively and avoid being stuck for replies. One tip is to rehearse your answers out loud to make sure you sound natural and comfortable when talking.

Dress for the part: First impressions count so make sure you are dressed appropriately. Even if the company operates in a relaxed working environment it pays to look smart and shows you have made an effort to impress.

Be focused: Make sure you have a restful night and aim to arrive at your interview about 15 minutes before you are due to start. If it helps, do a practice run to ensure you know exactly where you are going and make note of local parking/transport routes. Take your CV, any supporting documents and paper / pen in case you need to take information down.

Stay positive: Smile, keep eye contact and show enthusiasm. You know you are the right person for the job and this is your chance to sell yourself. A CV will only give employers the basic facts about you so use positive language to promote yourself, highlight your achievements and be aware of your body language when interacting with your interviewer(s). Make sure to engage with every person in the room and not just the person asking the questions. Keep your answers clear and concise.

Ask questions: An interview is a 2-way process and you need to ensure the job you are applying for is right for you. Confirm that you are joining a company with a supportive, positive working environment and the right ethos and culture to suit you. It is best to be prepared with additional questions to ask at the end of the interview as it demonstrates you are enthusiastic about the opportunity on offer and have done your homework. Some examples might include;

  • What career development opportunities can you offer?
  • How is performance measured?
  • What are the key challenges of the role?
  • Where is the company aiming to be in 5 years?

Finish confidently: “When can I start?” is probably not the best way to end an interview but try and think about how you can leave a great impression and indicate you are very interested in the role on offer. State your interest in the opportunity and ask about the next stage in the process. Smile, thank the interviewer(s) for their time and that you look forward to hearing from them.

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